Sunday, December 16, 2012

Versatile use of simple homemade stamps - Making stamps from rubber scraps: Part 2

In this post I'll show you in how many ways you can vary basic shapes to represent a great number of things. First I'll give you a list (to which you can probably add countless things I haven't come up with yet) and then follow it with pictures.

1 and 2: christmas tree bauble, a beetroot, a rutabaga/swede, a treetop
3 and 9: christmas tree bauble, a leaf, a flower petal, a treetop
4: a carrot, christmas tree bauble, a leaf, a flower petal, a treetop
5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 14 and 15: christmas tree baubles
8: christmas tree bauble, a beetroot
12: a turnip, achristmas tree bauble, a beetroot
13 and any sized circle stamps: a teapot, a compass, a clock, a button, a balloon, a ball of ice cream, a pizza, a sun, a tomato, an orange, an apple, any round fruit or a slice of one, a tree top, berry or vegetable, a spider body, a ladybug body, a beetle body, a fish body, a bird body, paw print a christmas tree bauble, stamp two, draw on rims and you have eyeglasses
16, 29 and 30: christmas stockings or socks
17, 18 and 27: shoes, boots or ice skates
19: a mitten (if you want a pair just make two mitten stamps as mirror images of each other)
20 to 26: triangles can represent christmas trees and spruces, ice cream cones, closed umbrellas and parasols, pyramids, champagne glasses, santa or elf hats, pizza slices, banner flags
28: a heart can also be a flower petal or, stamped upside down, a body for an stick figure elf 

31: grass cut with pinking shears (cutting the edge in a wavy line you could make a similar block for water)
32 and 34: tree trunks
33: pen, crayon, a very tall and narrow house (draw some windows, a door and maybe a balcony)
35: a house, a milk carton or a very thick stump of a pencil
36, 37, 46,47, 48, 49 and 55: christmas presents, cups, mugs, drinking glasses, graters, flags, flower pots, lamp shades, transistor radios, walkie talkies
38 and 39: flowers
40 and 43: leafs, ufos, saucers to stamp under cups and mugs
41 and 67: leafs, paisley patterns
42: a carrot, christmas tree bauble, a leaf, a flower petal
44 and 45: waterlily leaves
50 to 52: sailboat pieces
53 and 54: acorns, easter eggs, strawberries or mouse, owl, fish, beaver, ladybug or beetle bodies
56 and 57: tulips, roses, cups, mugs, handbags, purses, popsicles
58: jellyfish body, watermelon slice, citrus fruit slice, an acorn's cap, soup bowl
59 and 60: a set of footprints 
61: whale, goldfish
62: chameleon body, dolphin body, fish body
63: snake
64: crocodile body
65 and 66: gourds or multipurpose animal bodies that can be accessorized to become just about any creature 

67 and 68: small plier punch circles for cherries, dots and other round things mentioned before
69 and 70: tiny squares to stamp "caps" on the christmas tree baubles
In addition to stamps pictured I played around with a store bought circle stamp. As I had one already I didn't start hammering out a double with a paddle punch. A circle stamp could also be made easily with any die cutting machine, I'm sure there are dies for different sized circles. 




Make sure to check out the first part of my home made stamps post with instructions on how to make some yourself and please leave me a comment if you enjoyed the post.

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